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  • The Rainbow Passport
  • The Rainbow Passport
  • The Rainbow Passport
  • The Rainbow Passport
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The Rainbow Passport

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This is NOT a real passport, nor is it a cover for your real passport, it is a lovingly created physical version of a popular meme, designed to wind up anyone you are unfortunate enough to know who is proud that they will soon be getting an 'iconic' blue passport after Brexit.

The Rainbow Passport started as a joke on The Brexit Comic's social media pages, and it's been shared and liked so much that we decided to make a real version.

It's A6 size, printed in full colour on both sides, folded up and inserted into a plastic bag then posted in a specially chosen envelope.

Keep yours with you at all times, in case you meet a Brexiteer or a Leaver in the street or on a bus. Alternatively, use it as a Greetings Card (it really IS a greetings card) and send it to a friend - or enemy.


Please allow 7-10 days for delivery as it's a new product and we're not sure of stock levels)

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