7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
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Public Speaking

My ego affords me a perverse enjoyment of standing up in front of people and talking about things I know (and things I don’t). In general I know stuff about Design, Making Books, Social Media and Digital Culture – people often say that I do this well. Pricing varies depending on the event, the audience and the location – but you know that already.


Sometimes what you need is a good idea, for a brand, a campaign or a promotion, people say I’m good at this – and less good and project managing their creation. It’s not consultancy, because that’s what accountants do, and it involves writing long reports and stuff, no it’s more inspiration, realised in graphics or film or a PowerPoint that takes your objective and transforms it into a solid feeling thing that you can deliver yourself. There is no trick to coming up with ideas – you are full of them yourself, what I charge you for here is helping...

Designing Stuff

I do drawings for a living, sometimes with a pencil and paints more often with a mouse and a computer. My books and social media accounts get a chunk of designery time every day and I do them for love (and royalties). To get my attention on your project you’ll need to pay me a few quid (which I will probably spend on drugs and alcohol). I specialise in coming up with unique designs that are smart, funny and beautiful – their simplicity will hopefully belie the frustrating hours of creative thinking it takes to come up with them. I’ve...

Call-out Fee

Meetings are always lovely, but when you sell your days in chunks of hours sometimes they become expensive. Last week I called an expert electrician to arrange for him to come and repair my doorbell, he let me know his expertise cost £50 for a call-out fee, so I decided to emulate him and charge a call-out fee for meetings. What you get for that is a couple of hours over a cup of coffee, where we’ll chat about you and your work, discuss the thing you want solving and postulate some ideas.